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Snorkeling In Sosua

There are 2 recognized sites in Sosua for snorkeling. Both are enjoyable for beginners and advanced level participants. They are often sold as a package by local watersports companies. They go by the names of 3 Rocks and Los Cabezos.

The 3 Rocks snorkel was prior to COVID, one of the most frequented tourist attracions on the north coast of The Dominican Republic, during high season. Pretty much every catamaran trip from Puerto Plata would literally drop off boat loads of tourists for a 20 minute or so viewing of the abundent tropical life on this site. It also doubles up as a beginners dive site, so often the tourists would get a glipse of begginer divers, taking their first steps into the underwater world.

At 3 Rocks, you can view large numbers of sargeant majors, yellow fin snappers, squirrel fish, grunts, angel fish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish and more. This site is also home to parrot fish, stonefish and the occasional eel.

In case your preference is to go on your own, below is a map of how to get to 3 Rocks. The easiest access point is from Playa Chiquita, it is fair 400 meter swim, but certainly worth the effort for the fish you will see when you get there. Under no circumstances should you ever go snorkeling alone, always go accompanied and it is recommended that you use a life vest. If you are staying at the Hispaniola beach property, it’s an easier swim away.


Snorkeling in Sosua Bay

Below is a map we designed based on our favourite snorkeling route. Here you have to be mindful of the boats that are in the bay. As you leave the boat ramp area, hug close to the coastline, here is a breeding ground for many small schools of fish, that like to take shelter among the rocks. During 2019’s weekly snorkel, we would never fail to see stonefish in this area, they are quite abundant. Continue on to Puntilla, another beginners dive site. Here the water drops from 30ft to 60ft, as you can see on the map. At puntilla there is a large abundance of fish and corals. Follow the wall west towards Los Cabezos. Along here you can see all kinds of corals, fish, even rays and turtles.

At Los Cabezos there are again large numbers of fish and abundant life. There is also a small, shallow swim through, that is an excellent photo opportunity. From then on, head directly to the beach, as you will probably be in need of a refreshing drink by this point.

The above route is a more advanced level plan. Once again we do not recommend snorkeling solo, always go accompanied and wear a life vest.

As of whenever in the water, be it diving, snorkeling or just having fun, be mindful of the corals and animals. Do not touch and do not distrub, any trash you see within a reachable distance, do the planet a favor and pick it up. Mother nature will be greatful to you.

If you are looking for a fun filled family trip, we recommend the good people at Aqua Adventures By Scuba Dive Sosua, to take care of you for all your snorkeling and watersports needs.

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