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Sosua Town and Beach

Sosua Town and Beach are situated on the north coast of The Dominican Republic, and can be found between the city of Puerto Plata just 25 minutes drive to the west, and the watersport resort of Cabarete just 20 minutes drive to the east. Having Gregorio Luperon International Airport only 4 miles to the east of Sosua makes this area of the north coast both attractive and very accessible to international travelers from all around the world.

Sosua’s historical prominence came to light at the beginning of World War II when former President and dictator Rafael Trujillo offered to accept 100,000 Jewish refugees from between 1940 up until 1945. The reality was actually very different, only 800 refugees were able to make it to the north coast of The Dominican Republic and eventually settle. Using the land and resources at their disposal, the Jewish community left their indelible mark on the community which is still evident to this day. You can find more information here:


Sosua Beach:

The town itself is home to two beautiful beaches; Sosua Beach is recognized as one of the finest beaches in The Dominican Republic and known for it’s varied selection of shanty style bars, restaurants and stores that stretch along a sandy walk-way on the back side of the beach. Each of the bars provide their own “beach side service” and so getting food and drinks can be arranged very easily from the comfort of your sunbed. The bay is protected both naturally from the open ocean, and ecologically by local authorities who have outlawed fishing, other the hunting of Lionfish. The waters are generally calm which makes it ideal for swimming, snorkeling or paddle-boarding. The natural beauty of the bay will be further enhanced by the addition of a natural marine park which begins with the submergence of the world’s tallest underwater statue in the form of Atabay the Taino Mother Earth Spirit. The views from Sosua beach are incredible, you’ll see the formidable Mount Isabel de Torres clearly visible on the horizon, and the sunsets here are quite simply out of this world.


Alicia Beach:

The other prominent beach in Sosua is Playa Alicia which magically appeared some 10 years ago due to changing currents and naturally shifting ocean sands. Generally the ocean has more wave activity at Playa Alicia and so it’s always a good idea to check ocean conditions before swimming. Sun loungers, shades and beach side service is also available. Being on the same latitude as Sosua beach, Playa Alicia is also a fantastic place to watch the sun go down with a refreshing and well earned cocktail.


Water Activities:

Paddle boarding from Sosua Beach is great fun when the waters are calmest early in the morning, and there’s little to no breeze. There are a good selection of quality dive schools in and around the area for those of you who would like to learn, or for those of you who already know how to dive. Snorkeling is pretty good from Sosua Beach and has an abundance of marine life for you to explore. Beaches here generally come to life from Midday onwards, particularly at the weekends where on Sosua Beach you’ll find a great selection of beach bars with friendly bar owners, hosts and hostesses perfectly located for enjoying a couple of drinks and watching the world go by.


Sosua Town:

You’ll find a great selection of bars, restaurants, café’s and cigar lounge’s in the town. Happy hour like in most parts of the world is normally between 5.00 & 7.00pm. You’ll find no shortage of colorful characters around the town who are friendly, always up for a chat and generally have a story or two to tell.

There are two large supermarkets in the area, Playero & Super Pola. They are well stocked and have pretty much everything you are likely to need and are open from 8.00am until 9.00pm. Pharmacies are abundant and unlike other parts of the world, it’s pretty easy to get what you need without too much fuss.

Sosua has a warm and welcoming ex-pat community that will definitely make you feel at home. You’ll find there is a great selection and variety of properties available throughout the area and some incredible deals to take advantage of. Please feel free to browse the selection of properties we have available, and please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can be of any help.

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