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Tasty Dominican Cuisine

Tasty Dominican Cuisine: Since arriving to The beautiful Dominican Republic back in 1992, it’s a matter of fact that so many aspects of life and living here have advanced in leaps and bounds over the years, like new vacation destinations, first class hotels, world class golf courses, supermarkets, medical care, and new highways that link them all together to name just a few. The same is absolutely true of the local cuisine here, and if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, I can tell you hand on heart, that Dominican cuisine can be quite simply off the charts. Of course interest in producing delicious food has been inspired globally with culinary TV shows like Masterchef, and The Dominican Republic was no different. The whole nation became glued to their TV sets to watch the countries finest chef’s show off their skills. Click this link to see the first ever episode of Dominican Masterchef.


La Bandera Dominicana – The Dominican Flag

The staple diet here is rice, beans and chicken, and local Dominican people have lots of fun with that, especially when relaying cultural anecdotes to visitors. Local guides often say things like, “today we’re having rice beans and chicken, tomorrow something completely different, chicken beans and rice”. The reality is that this is a great well balanced meal, generally served at lunchtime, it’s tasty, nutritional and it doesn’t break the bank. This dish is also known as “La Bandera Dominicana” which translates as “The Dominican Flag”. Not being a superstar chef myself, I wouldn’t really know where to begin to tell you how to make the tastiest rice beans and chicken, however, thanks to the wonders of technology I can send you here to someone who knows just exactly how.


Dominican Sancocho

This is a wonderfully tasty Dominican dish, served normally on special occasions. Generally it takes a good amount of time to prepare which is perfect for family gatherings, and also provides an opportunity to enjoy good Dominican music, dance a little and to tell a few stories over a nice aged Dominican rum. Sancocho is basically a lovingly prepared, slow cooked stew that contains up to 7 different typed of meat with corn, pumkin, yuka, plantains and so much more. Once again there’s very little point in telling you how to make a mouthwatering delicious Sancocho when you can quite simply click here.


Dominican Mofongo

This is a dish that is close to the heart of every Dominican person I know. Mofongo is a made with boiled plantains, garlic and traditionally served with fried pork rind, but can also come with a variety of different accompaniments such as chicken or shrimp. The first time I tried Mofongo was in Moca, which is the capital of Espaillat province, and the tenth largest city in the country. I am reliably informed and can attain to the fact that Moca is home to some amazing Mofongo restaurants which is understandable as Moca is also renown for its quality farming produce. A word of warning however, never confuse Mofongo with Mondongo or you’ll end up with a plate of beef tripe, something you might wish to try down the line, but don’t get the two mixed up or you won’t thank me. For a quality Mofongo recipe, check this link out.

In fact in writing this piece about the delights of Dominican cuisine I stumbled across this wonderful website which is full of tasty recipes from Aunt Clara at so dive in and enjoy the delightful tastes and flavors of the beautiful Dominican Republic.

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