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Things to do in The Dominican Republic

Things to do in the Dominican Republic: Over the past 30 years I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and travel around the world, during which time I consider myself blessed to have visited visit many of the Caribbean islands. There can be no doubt that the Caribbean is indeed a very beautiful and diverse part of the world, but there’s a huge difference between visiting a place for a vacation and living in a place. One thing I eventually realized is that to live on a very small island can be somewhat claustrophobic after a while, almost like being in a small village where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business. The Dominican Republic being the Caribbean’s second largest island is 48,442 km² or in perhaps more simple terms, nearly 70% of the size of Georgia, is big enough to lose yourself in, but not so big that you end up being completely lost. The country is very diverse, with fine beaches, golf courses, rivers, mountains, deserts, eco lodges and of course cities, and so you’ll find a wide variety of fun and adventurous things to do here in The Dominican Republic.

Being as DR Property Guys live and conduct business here in the north coast of The Dominican Republic, the adventures I am about to share with you have that logistical reference point in mind….I’ll begin with one of my personal favorites.


Tubagua Eco Lodge

Whether I need to recharge my batteries, or enjoy some quality time with dear friends, or even better spend a romantic evening or two, for me Tubagua Eco Lodge is truly a piece of heavenly Nirvana like no other. Tubagua Eco Lodge is located on the touristic highway between Puerto Plata and Santiago and is nestled on the highest point of the mountainside climb on the road from Puerto Plata approximately 12 kilometers inland.

The Casita’s are rustic and exquisitely designed, and the fresh mountain breeze will definitely stimulate your appetite and your desire to relax, take a swim, maybe get a little romantic, either way, you’ll definitely sleep like a baby. I’ve yet to meet or see anyone that isn’t completely blown away by the view as you enter the main lodge area. Tubagua has a small but ample pool with a breathtaking view of the north coast and Mount Isabel de Torres away in the distance. Quite honestly, there is no better place to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a fine Dominican cigar. The owner Tim Hall is a dear friend of ours and also Canadian Consul to the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Tim and his staff will do all they can to ensure your stay in Tubagua is a memorable one. Delicious home cooked meals are available but it’s also a good idea to take your own cooler with drinks and snacks if you have any particular preferences or want to squirrel away in your Casita for a while. Tubagua Eco lodge also offers hiking tours to beautiful waterfalls as well as a tour to the famous Dominican Amber mines, for more information click here. It really is quite an amazing experience.


Las Terrenas

If you plan on living or spending a significant amount of time on the north coast, a trip to Las Terrenas is quite simply a must. Heading to Las Terrenas from Sosua or Cabarete is quite simple, just take the Samana road (it’s the only highway that runs across the north coast), the journey should take you around two and a half to three hours. The only remotely complicated part of your journey is driving through Nagua where there’s a turn you need to make, other than that, it’s pretty much plain sailing. Google maps and Waze work just fine here, so if you load and book your destination ahead of time, which it’s always wise to do, you can relax and let AI do the navigating.

Once through the other side of Nagua keep heading to Samana until you see the turn left to Las Terrenas. Don’t forget to take your camera, the views from this highway are something else as you climb the peninsular and down the other side into the beautiful little town of Las Terrenas. Look out for the view point where you can make a stop and take a few pictures.

The town itself is very pleasant, there are lots of boutique and chic places to stay, but book ahead of time and do your research to make sure you select exactly the right place to suit your needs, there are even dog friendly places to stay. The town itself is very cosmopolitan and easy enough to navigate with a good selection of bars and restaurants for you to choose from. Without doubt though, the most beautiful features of Las Terrenas are it’s beautiful landscape and it’s beaches, most notably, Playa Bonita, Punta Bonita and Playa Coson.


Whale Watching Samana

Nature is indeed an amazing thing, and the Dominican Republic has it’s own share of natural wonders, not least the yearly visit of these amazing creatures. Each year it is estimated that up to 5,000 Humpback Whales make their annual migration from the frozen waters in the north to the warmer Atlantic waters, most notably Samana Bay where they calve or mate. If this is not on your bucket list, it really should be. The journey from Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete would take you approximately 3 hours drive. Obviously it’s a long way, so you can either take an organized tour, or make the journey yourself, although I would recommend an overnight stop if you do. Whatever you decide to do, always plan ahead and be sure that you have secured any accommodation in advance. I highly recommend that you select a specific guide and Humpback Whale specialist, her name is Kim Bedall and you can contact her directly here. Kim has been working in the Samana area for many years and done an incredible amount of work to ensure the preservation of this natural Humpback Whale sanctuary. Her guided commentary is second to none. If you are not the best sailor and can get a little queasy on the ocean, you can take either Dramamine or Stugeron before you board, but of course I recommend that you do some research and speak with your doctor ahead of time and find out what might work best for you.

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