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North Coast Local Beaches

Super fine white sand sprinkled with coconut palm trees line the east coast while golden sand defines the beaches of the north coast. Adding a third color to the palette are the grey sand playas of Barahona in the west. Some of these areas are populated with resorts featuring a full array of watersports, food vendors, people watching and other activities. While others take visitors to another world of pristine tranquility with peaceful, uninhabited beaches. Here, the only intrusions are a towering coconut palm and the swaying breeze.


Sosua Beach

Located on a crescent-shaped bay, Playa Sosua is a postcard perfect beach. Featuring a backdrop of towering cliffs, the waters here are calm, clear and a deep shade of turquoise. Playa Sosua is perhaps one of the Caribbean’s most popular beaches, which may explain the crowds. However, with so much to do – shopping or eating in Sosua, snorkeling or even taking a glass bottom boat tour – the crowds are worth the visit. Sosua offers some of the North Coast’s best diving. Not only are these sites home to countless varieties of tropical fish and marine life, but whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins have also been known to make an appearance in these waters. Shallow reefs allow beginners to get comfortable with diving and the underwater world, while more advanced dive sites are only minutes away.


Alicia Beach

Formed in 2003, what used to be known as “El Matadero”, the place where the old meat factory would dump left over meat bones and unsellable parts. Playa Alicia or Alicia Beach, has become quite the place for locals and tourists to enjoy the water alike. Located at the end of La Calle Sin Salida, there are currently 2 ocean side restaurants that you can sit at and enjoy cold drinks and good food, while looking at arguably the nicest sunset on the north coast.


Playa Chiquita

Small beach located inside the town of Sosua. Once upon a time was the beach for the now defunct hotel by the same name. A short swim from here to 3 Rocks snorkeling site.


Playa Laguna

Located inside a residential development by the same name, this approximately 400meter long stretch of beach is mainly used by the residents of the nearby apartment buildings and villas. There is however public access, a tropical stairway, beneath age old trees and shrubs, set inside exposed volcanic rock, the walk down reminds you of a scene from Jurassic Park.


Cabarete Beach

On the Dominican Republic’s north coast, adventure seekers will fall in love with Cabarete. One of the top five kiteboarding and windsurfing beaches in the world, Cabarete’s beach (often called Kite Beach) annually hosts an array of international championships. On any given day, visitors to the area will see the sky filled with hundreds of colorful kites carrying amateur and pro riders through the surf.


Cofresi Beach

Just a few minutes west of Puerto Plata lays one of the most breathtaking beaches in the Dominican Republic named for the pirate Roberto Cofresi. While Playa Cofresi is wonderful for bathing in the sun, the waters provide excellent bodysurfing and boogie-boarding opportunities with its choppier waters.


Playa Dorada

Located just east of Puerto Plata at the foot of the one time “largest all-inclusive resort complex in the world”, Playa Dorada is protected by reefs and features golf sand and warm waters. While anyone can drive into the Playa Dorada complex, non-guests have to pay for a day pass.


Playa Grande

At 1.5 miles long, Playa Grande, located near Rio San Juan, is one of the longest north coast local beaches. However, the beach is impressive not only for its size but also its breathtaking beauty. While the Amanera Resort is now located at one end of the beach and food vendors sit at the other, the beach in between offers plenty of room to spread out.


Playa Punta Rucia

West of Puerto Plata and just off the beaten path, Playa Punta Rucia boasts white sand beaches and beautiful mountain views. Popular with snorkelers due to the presence of a large coral reef just off the shore, Playa Punta Rucia offers a small selection of restaurants/bars and a peaceful lagoon that is good for birdwatching.

There are numerous other north coast local beaches, such as Costambar, Long Beach, Playa Oeste, Playa Encuentro, Hideaway Beach and more.

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